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Local knowledge - with an international attitude

Our Nordic branch office is located in Valby/Copenhagen which gives us central access to all the Nordic countries. We speak all the Nordic languages as well as English, which is our company language.

We are a dedicated team of specialists, all of whom have extensive knowledge in a wide range of solutions and comprehensive experience with SAP as well as non-SAP installations.

xSuite was founded in 1994 in Hamburg Germany and has 25 years of consulting and project experience in integrated ECM solutions and optimised workflows for business processes.

We have more than 190 employees in total and have subsidiaries in The Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain and USA.

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AI-fueled AP automation for S/4HANA 
In collaboration with SAPSA from Sweden
September 17th - from 10 - 10.45 am.
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Why choose us?

We love sharing our knowledge
One of the key drivers of change is knowledge. Sharing knowledge for the benefit of people and processes, is in a nutshell, what we preach and practise every day.

We love solving digital problems
It’s simple, it’s digital. That’s our DNA and company mantra. We are focused digital experts, and at the same time we try not to get too hung up on the details – but focus on keeping the bigger picture in mind.

We love helping people
Sharing is caring. We have a strong culture based on teamwork and trust our colleagues to support one another – not only when we´re solving problems, but also when we´re celebrating! 

This is our own exclusive xSuite Nordic currency that we have translated into a well-honed focus on the customer and an ability to turn business challenges into digital opportunities.

Passion, people and processes

It requires passion, hard work and focus to become an expert. But by insisting on doing it the smart way without wasting valuable time and resources, together we will help you achieve the right balance individually and in your business performance – and that´s your recipe for success.

To us, that's the core of our business and what we love to do.


We are
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We speak 13 languages
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