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The digital performance of your business – is our business

Our aim and expertise are focused on unleashing and taming the complexity and flow of documents that literally runs through your company every day. Our SAP and other ERP workflow specialists offer you standardised, proven solutions for automating all your business processes and critical documents.

As software developers, technology consultants and digital nerds, we always strive to stay ahead of the latest innovations and digital opportunities.
This is what we live and breathe for, and naturally we don´t expect our clients to possess the same level of knowledge. This is why we see our expertise and role as your Trusted Advisor and Change Agent, as the most important service we can provide.

It is our job to offer you in-depth understanding, extensive knowledge and, above all the ability to listen in order to find out how your business works and help you gain an overview of your business needs, so you can make the right decision and find the optimal solution.

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Information Capture
Process Automation
Archive Platform
Accounts Payable
Order Management
Cross Company Processes
On Premises & Cloud

The xSuite portfolio provides you with workflow and process solutions. A company can purchase any number of modules and combine them as needed to form end-to-end processes such as procure-to-pay. Solutions can be operated on-premises, in the cloud, or as hybrid-cloud solutions.



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Efficient workflows and seamless integration

We help you power up all your business processes with as few digital footprints as possible.
What is a digital footprint? It’s the trail of digital data that you and your operational system leave behind. To keep your business optimised and effective, you want as few footprints as possible, as too many footprints mean too many digital detours and unnecessary processes in your workflows – which leads to reduced efficiency and wasted valuable resources. The process analysis method to reduce footprints - is Process Mining.

Process Mining offers objective, fact-based insights, that help you audit, analyse, and improve your existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions.

We have the expertise and in-house competencies to perform the analytical discipline required to discover, monitor and improve real business processes. Combined with our 25 years of experience in optimising business processes and workflows, we offer guidance and hands-on advice, helping you all the way - connecting and securing your critical data.

Discover and improve your digital footprints – with our support in process mining and the SAP certified xSuite solutions.

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