Seven Insider’s Tips

Selecting an SAP Workflow Solution
for Invoice Processing


Do you want to introduce a workflow system to automate the processing of incoming invoices in SAP? In this white paper we'd like to share some tips on what to look out for when choosing a solution.

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Language: English
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Publication date: 2018

About the White Paper

The scenario: You are using SAP ERP to manage your accounts payable. You have recognized that there is further optimization potential in the process and for this reason you would like to introduce a workflow-based invoice processing solution.

The challenge: Now you are faced with the question of which points you should consider when selecting a solution. What are the factors that really matter?

The solution: With this white paper we would like to give you concrete tips on what you should consider when choosing a workflow solution for invoice processing in SAP: Where are the hidden traps lurking, which factors are often overlooked, and which simple questions will give you more security in the decision-making process?

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