Boralex and xSuite: A Success Story

"xSuite has truly transformed our AP department. Processes that would take up to several weeks in the past
are now completed with just one click. We're able to manage our cash a lot more efficiently
because we can now identify bottlenecks quickly and take action right away."

Daniel Boivin, Team Lead ERP Expertise at Boralex


Boralex Partners with xSuite to Shift Global Energy Landscape Towards a Greener Future

The Canadian power company Boralex was founded in 1990 in Kingsey Falls, Québec, and has since expanded its business to the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Specializing in three sources of renewable energy extraction–wind, solar, and hydroelectric–Boralex is a dominant force in their industry.

Despite its forward-thinking approach to energy production, Boralex's accounts payable department operated in a less innovative manner. The old-fashioned, paper-based method of handling incoming invoices was proving inefficient. The result was a lack of transparency throughout the invoice payment workflow.

The AP department at Boralex tackled its inefficient workflows and optimized the entire purchasing process back in 2019 by launching what employees refer to as their “Procure-to-Pay” project. The power company turned to xSuite as a long-term partner to help them implement their ambitious goals.

Business Results
The digital end-to-end automation solution from xSuite makes processes faster and more efficient. AP employees at Boralex can now easily track invoices at any stage of the workflow. The new transparency Boralex has via this digital medium has helped the company eliminate late fees and garner prompt-payment discounts.

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