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Why Your SAP System of the Future Requires a Clean Core

Are you Still Putting off the Migration to S/4HANA?

If so, you shouldn't hesitate anymore because the best time to migrate to S/4HANA is now! A clean system with reorganized processes has never been more important.  We can help you get your software and processes up-to-date because we have developed a systematic approach to future-proofing your systems!

Forward to Standard

What does this mean to us?

  1. Staying future-proof
  2. Ensuring your company's ability to innovate
  3. Being there for you—We won't leave you alone

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Why Should You Keep Your Core Clean?

SAP is in some way imposing the so-called "Clean Core" on its customers, prompted by the migration to S/4HANA, which is mandatory for all SAP customers by 2027 at the latest.  "Imposing" sounds quite negative at first. In reality, SAP is introducing a standard for all customers that will make future upgrades, migrations, and releases much easier.
We all know the feeling of a freshly tidied apartment where everything has its place. You don't have to spend a lot of time looking for something, so you save time, and besides, a surprise visit is no longer a horror, but a welcome surprise.



It's the same with your business processes. A total check-up that locates and removes obsolete processes. In addition, "in-house" customizations are reviewed and replaced with standardized processes. This has the great advantage that updates, which were previously a multi-day effort, can now be carried out within a few hours. This saves resources in all departments. This is the next level of end-to-end digital transformation. After all, what good are digital processes if they are cumbersome to maintain and update? So your finance department has achieved an improvement, because automation takes a lot of work off its hands. However, the high effort remains in the IT department, which cannot be the goal of a holistic digital transformation. Contact us and we will work out common goals, a concept for the implementation and also tackle the implementation together–we will not let you down. 

Learn More About Keeping Your Core Clean for the Best Possible Set-Up of Your AP Department

We discuss this topic in our latest blog article. What exactly is a clean core? Why should you follow this set-up and how xSuite experts help you becoming a master of keeping everything tidy, nice and neat. 

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