Hybrid Scenarios with the xSuite Cloud

How can local ERP systems be extended using services from the cloud?

White Paper: Hybrid Scenarios

Services in the public cloud offer flexibility, scalability, and ease in use. This makes them valuable as a supplement to solutions installed and operated on-premises. In particular, the advantages become apparent when applied to complex systems with a large range of functions. As would logically follow, the scenario of extending local ERP systems with services from the cloud has made it to the agenda of many companies.

But what exactly might these hybrid landscapes combining solutions in the cloud and applications installed on-premises look like? What kind of scenarios are possible? And what considerations should companies weigh when deciding which components or processes to migrate to the cloud and which to keep on-premises?

These are the questions we will address in this white paper. We will demonstrate the advantages of public cloud solutions and present two approaches to using hybrid scenarios in an ERP environment. We will also take a small excursion into the „cloud native“ approach and take a look the best example we know of, namely our own xSuite Cloud. Finally, we will look at the process used for handling incoming invoices, in order to present the possible combinations of on-premises installed systems with our cloud solutions.

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