How to optimize your business processes

Through data analysis and automation

White Paper: How to optimize your processes through automation

Do you find that all too often your business runs into difficulties because of cumbersome, slow or incorrect document management? Are you having trouble meeting payment deadlines? Do you have problems with the same suppliers failing to deliver on time again and again? Or have you ever found yourself the targeted by scammers who create fake sales orders?
Processes that involve managing financial documents are at the very core of business today and are essential for the day-to-day operation in most organisations. If there is no control over them, then this can have serious consequences for the operation and overall financial situation of the business. 

In order to optimize, you must first identify the processes in your ERP system that are causing problems. This can include sales orders, suppliers, posting, validation, contract handling and hiring processes. Any areas in which documents need to be processed or any log files

That is exactly what we want to focus on in this white paper. We will illustrate the link between process optimization and process mining - an intelligent optimization tool.

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